Sample Letter: Giving Notice to Vacate to your Apartment Manager


Once you’ve decided you are going to move from your current apartment, you will need to provide your current landlord with a “notice to vacate.” Most properties require a 30-day written notice, but there is a trend towards a 60-day written notice-to-vacatenotice to vacate over the last few years. Big D Apartment Locators in Dallas, Texas provided the below sample notice to vacate letter that covers the basics. Be sure to follow the guidelines outlined in your current lease agreement regarding notification dates, deposit refund terms or any other contingencies in your lease that may require you to make small wording adjustments to this sample notice to vacate. We hope that this makes the process a little easier.

Sample Letter of Notice to Vacate


(Your Name and Current Address)

Re : Notice to Vacate

Dear (Property Manager or Management Company Name),

This letter is to serve as my (insert the number of days notice required) day notice to vacate. I will be vacating my apartment on (insert date), the end of my current lease.

My forwarding address will be (insert forwarding address) and I can be reached at (your phone number).

I expect that my security deposit of $(insert amount), given to you on (insert date), will be refunded in full, since the apartment has been left in good condition.

Thank you,

(your name)