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We want to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. In addition to finding a great place to live for you, we're here to pass on our experience by giving you helpful tips, reviews of local businesses, resources for your next move, apartment information and much much more. To stay up-to-date click the icon to the top right to subscribe to our RSS feed.

Spring Cleaning Tips »

spring cleaningWith January over and spring just around the corner, it is never too early to begin preparing your home for the refreshing weather. A good spring cleaning of your apartment is not only healthy for the occupants, but will make you feel better all year long too! Spring Cleaning Made Simple! Here are a few spring cleaning tips to help the chores breeze by! Kitchen The stove and kitchen sink are the two dirtiest places in your kitchen. Disinfect both surfaces, making sure to get under and panels or coils, and remove all grease residue. ... Continue Reading »

Do You Use Your Car? »

carsCars are not inherently "city friendly." Major roadways can be jammed with traffic, parking costs a fortune, and transportation is often a hassle. For those inner city dwellers that do own a car, it is important to use your vehicle occasionally. Without regular use, batteries will eventually die or if the car is parked in a garage with high humidity, certain parts of the frame may begin to rust. Some car batteries tend to lose a charge faster than others, there are high-end car batteries that can begin to lose a charge after ... Continue Reading »

Pets: How to Prepare Your Apartment »

petsSo you finally signed a lease with a landlord that allows for small pets. Here is what you need to know about preparing your apartment for your new, furry friend. Choosing Apartment Pets Were you planning on a cat or a dog? Most people typically know the answer, but consider the space of your apartment. Dogs shouldn't be cooped up in a cramped, studio apartment for hours at a time. They need more space to move around. Cats are perfect for owners who need to leave for work for extended periods of time or have ... Continue Reading »

Dallas Staycation | Fun Getaways »

dallas staycationAirplane tickets, hotel accommodations, and food prices climb every year. More and more Americans are finding ways to explore where they work and live to save on cost. Luckily, a Dallas staycation is ripe with opportunity. Plan a week off work to relax, and then make a list of things to do in the city. Dallas Staycation Ideas Having trouble getting started? That's okay; we have some ideas that might help. • For a relaxing day in nature, visit the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. The Botanic Garden features a 7 acre Japanese garden, meticulously ... Continue Reading »

When Should You Call Maintenance? »

call maintenanceSome landlords are trouble, some landlords are great! Perhaps something has broken in your apartment, you call maintenance or you draft a written notice, but the problem persists, ignored. Where do you draw the line between your responsibilities for the property and the landlord's? What can you do about landlords shirking dire maintenance concerns? Call Maintenance? What Are My Responsibilities Your landlord is obligated to fix major problems. Tenants are generally responsible for surface issues, like peeling paint, tearing screens, and dripping faucets. If a tenant is at fault for a large problem, the ... Continue Reading »

5 Things to Consider When Renewing Your Lease »

renewingWhen the time comes to renew a lease, most tenants are stuck looking at a long list of pros and cons. Take the time to think about renewing beforehand and you'll be much happier in the long run. Renewing Your Lease: Things to Consider Keep these considerations in mind when it is your turn to decide if you be renewing: 1. Location. Do you like the amenities in your area? How long is your work commute? Are there good parking options near your home? If location is in the "pro" column as a good reason ... Continue Reading »

10 Tips to Help Make Friends After Moving In »

moving Moving across town can be incredibly frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. Long-distance moves have the added complication of requiring you to make a whole fresh network of contacts. You'll need new doctors, a new vet, maybe a new gym – not to mention new friends. Moving and Making Friends Here are ten great ways to meet friendly faces in your new neighborhood: 1. Do things in public. Force yourself to eat in the mall's food court or on a popular, downtown district. Maybe peruse the local library or park. Your ... Continue Reading »

Mid-Lease Management Changes »

managementPeriodically, an owner will decide to switch to a different management company or they may decide to sell the property entirely. The questions tenants often ask are: Can my landlord do this? How do these changes affect my contract? The Owner Changed Their Management Company Every once in a while, your apartment or landlord will decide to use a different leasing or management company. The landlord has every right to use any property management group he/she chooses. Since a property management company is collecting rent and more or less representing the landlord, this change ... Continue Reading »

Valentine's Day Date Ideas »

Valentine's DayAmerica's biggest romantic holiday is just around the corner, and for many women (and men!) the holiday needs to be memorable. Valentine's Day is about romance, not money, but the trick is that at the end of the day, your partner feels special. Valentine's Day in Big D If you are in the Dallas area looking for some ideas, here are some of our favorites: • Public Art Walk. In downtown Dallas, a beautiful walkway in the middle of the Arts District stretches over three miles, bordering most of the major artistic landmarks in ... Continue Reading »

Apartment Furnishing Wins and Fails »

furnishingFurnishing an apartment with style takes a deft hand. Compact spaces, unique constructions to work around, and fixtures you can’t remove prove to be unique challenges when it comes to designing your apartment’s décor with style. What furnishing works well in an apartment setting and what miserably fails? Furnishing Tips There are no absolutes when it comes to apartment furnishing, though staying away from a psychedelic print futon might be wise in any setting. There are, however, some great lessons learned from those who’ve tried different strategies. WINS 1. Coziness ... Continue Reading »

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