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Decorating an Apartment on a Budget »

Decorating an Apartment Decorating an Apartment: Money Saving Tips Moving is already expensive without adding additional decorating costs to the mix. But we all know that decorating an apartment is key to making new apartments truly feel like home. These tricks will help you save money while still making your apartment uniquely you. The Kitchen To create depth in a small galley kitchen, you can remove the cabinet doors. After that, go buy a bucket of paint in a color that you love and get to work. This is a simple operation that adds a flare ... Continue Reading »

Keep Dallas Weird: 3 Fun Ways to Enjoy Dallas »

DallasDallas: Off the Beaten Path In a sprawling city like Dallas, it’s difficult to know where to start experiencing the charm that keeps people coming back for more. However, if you do a little digging, there are undiscovered treasures everywhere. Some lesser known places to visit include: 1. Picnicking in the Arboretum: The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful spots in the city. This 66-acre garden is located in east Dallas. With the cooler temperatures in spring and fall, locals love to pack a lunch, ... Continue Reading »

Best DFW Areas to Live in Based on Age Range »

Best DFW Areas The DFW Metroplex has a vast amount of space, diversity, and culture to present to the world, but for some newcomers, it can be downright daunting. Breaking it up into the 5 primary cities, it is easier to get a handle on the age ranges to which each caters and recommend these to new residents. Here are some ideas about the best DFW areas and the activities each offers. Where are the best DFW areas for you? Dallas: 30s-50s Dallas events center on a vibrant musical richness and ... Continue Reading »

Why You Should Live in Dallas »

Live in Dallas The reasons to live in Dallas abound. There are so many, in fact, that they can’t all be listed here, but there are big ones that noticeably stand out. There is always something to do, a great job economy, wonderful people, and ease of access to good schools, safe homes, and plenty of outdoor space. Events, Day and Night when You Live in Dallas No matter where you consider moving within the Dallas area, you will have the entire Metroplex at your doorstep. There is no shortage of events, both day ... Continue Reading »

Moving Away From Home and into an Apartment: Tips for Adjusting and Things You Need to Know »

moving away from home So, you are ready to leave home and get your own apartment. Congratulations! Moving away and on to real world problems, you'll need to plan to make this a successful change. Bills: Yes, You Are In Charge of Those Now that You're Moving Away If you are like most 20+ year olds, you have spent the bulk of your life with your parents paying all of the regular bills, such as rent, electric, gas, groceries, car, and insurance. It is a process that will become second nature, but in the ... Continue Reading »

Living with a Clean-Freak Roommate »

clean-freak roommate Your roommate is great, but she’s a little neater than what you are used to. Not to worry, it is easier than you might think to keep the common areas tidy. Keeping a balance between personalities when sharing a living space is important, so making a few minor concessions may help the roommate dynamic and will keep the apartment tidy as well. Clean-Freak Roommate Antidotes Do Not Underestimate the Power of Plastic Dishes are a chore not many truly enjoy. It is called a chore for a reason, after all. To cut down ... Continue Reading »

Living in an Apartment While Attending School »

Living in an apartment College is an exciting time of life, but it pays to prioritize. Living in an apartment while in school can be relaxing and peaceful for study… or it may be loud and obnoxious all the time. It is important to research the apartment complex in which you intend to live to ensure it meets the necessities of college life. Living in an Apartment | Ways to Improve Your Study Habits  Have a Dedicated Work Space for Study There is much to be said for not eating and watching TV in your ... Continue Reading »

Moving to Dallas? Here's What You Need to Look for in an Apartment »

moving to dallas Moving to Dallas or any new city is a daunting task, whether you are going a few hundred or a couple thousand miles. Knowing the amenities you should consider for your first apartment in the new city will help simplify the process of finding the perfect place to live. Dallas, like most of Texas, is hot in the summer. According to, the highest temperature in the city during June, July, and August is in the 90s, and it can and will hit triple digits. Lows are ... Continue Reading »

Summer Activities for Kids in the Dallas Area »

dallas area summer activities The Dallas area is loaded with family-friendly activities, including many that can be enjoyed without spending much money. Whatever you and your children find interesting, the city and surrounding areas have something fun in store. Dallas Area Activities Do your kids love animals? The Fort Worth Zoo is home to more than 350 animal species and features a carousel, train, and petting zoo. Regular admission is $12 for adults and $9 for kids ages 3 to 12 and seniors over 65. Wednesdays are half-price days, ... Continue Reading »

Tips for Living in a Smaller Space »

smaller space Smaller Space Apartments One of the most challenging aspects of finding the right place to live is deciding whether to sacrifice space for an apartment that fits within your budget. If you are familiar with this scenario, there are several options for adding storage to a smaller space without undertaking a full renovation. A couple of things to consider before checking into storage options include: • Are you able to modify walls or other fixtures in your apartment? For most renters, this is a “no,” which means you will need ... Continue Reading »

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