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Apartment Hunt: Determining Which Apartment is Right for You »

apartment huntingThe Apartment hunt can be overwhelming, but going in with some information about the type of place that is right for you will ensure you don’t make a decision you regret. While most people put cost at the top of the list of deciding factors, you need to account for more than just monthly rent to find the best apartment. Apartment Hunt Basics  • Commute. Thinking about how the apartment location will affect your traveling to school or work every day. This is one of the most important decisions ... Continue Reading »

Uncommon Amenities You Aren't Looking For »

amenitiesWhen looking for a new apartment, amenities are something that set different buildings apart. In the blur of two-dozen apartments with two bedrooms and one bath, you are more likely to remember an apartment for its features. Paying attention to amenities can help you make the decision on where to have your new home. Some of the most common amenities for apartments are dishwashers, laundry machines, paid utilities, and parking. As the apartment search develops, you start to hold some amenities as a priority and others as less important in your decision. For ... Continue Reading »

Local Holiday Plays »

local holiday playsOne of the joys of the holiday season is attending Christmas pageants and holiday plays around town. Not only do these events support local artists and groups, but they are also perfect for getting into the holiday spirit or entertaining out-of-town guests. Holiday Plays Calendar  While there are countless plays throughout the winter months, here are the ones we think should be at the top of your holiday plan: • McKinney. Beginning December 8, you can catch The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Gather in downtown McKinney. The play is a hilarious story ... Continue Reading »

Making Amends With Your Landlord »

landlordRelationships between landlords and tenants can be strenuous. It’s not uncommon for conflicts to emerge, but it is important to not leave a rental situation on bad terms with your landlord. Try to patch things up with your landlord before moving out. Leaving on a positive note with your landlord can protect your future renting abilities. While most landlords will not go out of their way to give you a bad reference if you did the basics like pay your rent on time and leave the property in relatively good condition, leaving on ... Continue Reading »

Should You Move to Another Apartment? »

moveMoving can be a big deal. Whether you are moving within the same apartment complex or to an entirely new building, the decision to move should be weighed carefully. There are several ways you can decide whether moving to a new apartment is the right decision for you. To Move or Not to Move? Is it Cost Effective? If you can afford a small apartment on your own but desire more space, you may need to consider how cost effective it is to move to another apartment. Even splitting the cost of a new apartment ... Continue Reading »

Going Out of Town? What About Your Pets? »

petsThe holidays are a magical time of the year, as families get together to express love and make memories. It is also the time when pet owners must decide what to do with their four-legged companions when travel is not an option. Pet Questions and Solutions When pets are not able to accompany you, there are three options: leave them at home, take them to a sitter, or take them to a pet hotel. Leaving Animals at Home Animals who experience a lot of anxiety or do not like being away benefit from staying home. When ... Continue Reading »

New to Texas? »

TexasTexas is a huge state, and Texans are proud of their ability to operate independently. The state’s strong economic growth has attracted many out-of-state residents, and that means accepting things in Texas may be different from the rest of the country. Texas and Texans Some of the things out-of-state residents may need to know before moving to Texas include: 1. Courtesy remains strong. Sir and Ma’am are still popular ways to greet others and is one of the reasons why Texas is viewed as a friendly state. 2. Football means everything. Texans love their football, and ... Continue Reading »

Did Your Rent Go Up? What Should You Do? »

rentApartment rents are on the rise, and in some cases, a complex may increase their rates after a single year of residence. What do tenants do when rates increase? Is there anything tenants can do to keep their rates the same? While there is little that can be done when landlords increase rent rates, here are some tips for how to handle it: Apartment complexes are businesses, and landlords have to keep them profitable. Rates increase after a year primarily because tenants have agreed to a one year lease. If tenants signed on ... Continue Reading »

Finding the Best Deal Near You »

best dealsEveryone wants to save a buck; why spend more money when you don’t have to? Ads and coupons come through the mail all the time, but all that paperwork clutters your apartment quickly. To avoid endless scraps of paper and find quick deals, online shopping and downloadable apps are the solution. A number of mobile apps have surfaced that help shoppers save on everything from groceries and clothes to utilities and furniture. Finding the Best Deal For... Groceries Using apps to compare groceries is a time and money ... Continue Reading »

Should You Take Gifts to Your Apartment Manager? »

apartment managerGift giving is a personal decision and should not be done out of obligation. Lots of people get into the spirit of gift giving around the holidays, but not everyone feels the need to give a gift to their apartment manager. Whether you should or shouldn’t give your apartment manager a gift is a matter of choice, but if compelled to do so, what would be appropriate? The Apartment Manager or Staff When to Gift If you have had very little interaction with your apartment manager, it is likely he or she is not ... Continue Reading »

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