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Finding the Best Deal Near You »

best dealsEveryone wants to save a buck; why spend more money when you don’t have to? Ads and coupons come through the mail all the time, but all that paperwork clutters your apartment quickly. To avoid endless scraps of paper and find quick deals, online shopping and downloadable apps are the solution. A number of mobile apps have surfaced that help shoppers save on everything from groceries and clothes to utilities and furniture. Finding the Best Deal For... Groceries Using apps to compare groceries is a time and money ... Continue Reading »

Should You Take Gifts to Your Apartment Manager? »

apartment managerGift giving is a personal decision and should not be done out of obligation. Lots of people get into the spirit of gift giving around the holidays, but not everyone feels the need to give a gift to their apartment manager. Whether you should or shouldn’t give your apartment manager a gift is a matter of choice, but if compelled to do so, what would be appropriate? The Apartment Manager or Staff When to Gift If you have had very little interaction with your apartment manager, it is likely he or she is not ... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance - Do You Need It? »

renters insuranceApartment living is growing in popularity, and that means leaving your belongings near dozens of other people. Living in close quarters to others increases the risk of loss due to someone else’s negligence. However, protection is possible for apartment dwellers through renters insurance. Many, if not most, of the apartment communities are now requiring that you purchase a policy.  Renters Insurance Basics Understanding the Myths There are four traps renters often fall into. The first is thinking they do not own enough to need insurance. The truth is, whether through theft, fire, or mishap, ... Continue Reading »

List of Items to Check before Moving In »

moving inRenting a new apartment can be exciting, and many renters are swept away in the possibilities of what could be. Inspecting the apartment for flaws, before moving in, is just as important as visualizing what you would do with the new space. Moving In Checklist  Before you sign any contracts, here are a list of things you should look at and reasons why you should take photos of the apartment before moving in. 1. Inspect the floors. Floors are one of the first things you’ll notice when you look at an apartment, and may ... Continue Reading »

Fall Moving Tips »

moving tipsFall is a beautiful time of the year. It is also a great time to move. Many families move during the summer months when children are out of school, and while summer offers longer days and generally clear weather, moving companies tend to charge more – and the weather may be hot. During fall, residents can move while the temperature is cool and avoid the uncertainty of winter weather conditions. Moving Tips in Autumn Fall may be the ideal time to move weather wise, but there are potential risks too. Here are some ... Continue Reading »

Trick or Treating at an Apartment Complex »

Trick or Treating At an Apartment ComplexNot every apartment complex welcomes trick or treaters, but if yours does, there are many ways you can prepare for this ghoulish holiday. Trick or Treating around your Apartment If you want to advertise your apartment as a stop along the trick-or-treat route, here are a few trips for apartment preparations: • Advertise participation. Sitting with the apartment door open may not be the best or safest choice to advertise your participation in treat-giving, but simple steps can encourage trick or treaters to knock on your door. Placing Halloween ... Continue Reading »

Decorating Your Apartment for Halloween »

halloweenHalloween kicks off the time of year where people decorate the interior of their homes for the holidays. Ornamenting a small apartment may limit the materials you use, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do a great job of decorating. Whether you are decorating for a party or just to get into the Halloween spirit, the trick is to have a basic plan. Halloween in an Apartment The first thing to consider is budget and space. If your apartment is small, you don’t want to buy large decorations that take up floor space. Consider ... Continue Reading »

Halloween Events in Dallas »

halloween events During October, families decorate their porches or interior rooms with candles, gourds, wall decorations, window clings, and more. Children and adults look forward to Halloween events, but the fun and festivities do not need to be limited to a single night. There are a number of Halloween-themed events taking place around Dallas each weekend. Halloween Events Calendar  Some of the more popular events around Dallas include the following: • Halloween at the Heard. Scheduled for October 18 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., this family friendly Halloween event takes place at the Heard Natural ... Continue Reading »

Pinterest Apartment Decorating Fails »

Pinterest When looking for apartment decorating ideas, Pinterest is a great place to turn for inspiration. However, sometimes the decorating choices some users have made are... less than stellar. If you’ve ever looked to Pinterest for inspiration and only come up with WTF, you’re not alone. Pinterest Fails Check out this gigantic clam shell bathroom sink. At first glance, it looks pretty cool – who doesn’t want to pretend to be a mermaid while doing their morning makeup? However, some practicality concerns seem to catch up with this idea pretty ... Continue Reading »

Working from an Apartment »

Working Working from home has a lot of perks. You get to manage your own workload, set your own schedule, and have the comforts of your home at your disposal. It’s important to set up your home office in a way that allows you to be productive. Creating a home office in an apartment presents unique challenges. Home Office Working Tips Make a workspace. Some people claim that they could never work from home, because being at home would be too distracting. Having a set place to work can combat this. If you ... Continue Reading »

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