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Predictions: Will Apartment Living Be the Same 100 Years From Now? »

livingWe could be looking down on the earth from orbit while eating dinner in our apartments of the future. Future apartments could also be floating in the sea with surface level attractions and undersea living quarters. Or, apartment living could be completely obsolete in favor of a new living solution. Living in a Future Apartment As time goes by, there is one thing we know – barring some horrible catastrophe, this planet will have an almost incomprehensible number of people living on it in 100 years. The world population right now is roughly 7.3 ... Continue Reading »

Saving on Heating Costs During the Winter »

heating costsThe cold winter season is fun when it occasionally snows and you can cuddle up by the fire to get toasty. On a daily basis, however, the cold is a nuisance and drives energy bills through the roof while making some of us want to hibernate until spring. There are some ways to save on heating costs without being miserably cold this winter. Check these out to save money and stay warm this season. Heating Costs | 7 Ways to Save • Insulate. Seal any cracks ... Continue Reading »

The History of Apartments »

historyApartment-style living has long history, it has been around for centuries. Even the Romans lived in communal housing to provide for the population. In the Middle Ages, large houses we would call mansions were divided into suites and used by multiple tenants at one time. While living in close quarters with other tenants has long been a viable concept for housing, it wasn’t until the 1700s that apartment living became a notion similar to what we enjoy today. History of the Modern Apartment In the 1700s, people in Paris and ... Continue Reading »

10 Reasons to Move to Dallas »

move to dallasAll the cool kids are doing it! If you’re part of generation X or Y, you should consider moving to Dallas. It’s a fast growing city with many employment opportunities and affordable living spaces. Move to Dallas! 10 Reasons! Here are 10 more reasons why Dallas should be on your wish list of places to live. 1. There is no state income tax. Texas is one of a handful of states where residents don’t pay a personal income tax to the state. There are very few states that have a lower tax burden ... Continue Reading »

Where Abandoned Apartment Belongings End Up »

abandonedEver wondered what happens when someone leaves their belongings behind in an apartment? Does it all just end up in an alleyway or do landlords rifle through for the valuable items and discard the rest? State laws vary about how to legally handle tenants’ abandoned belongings. Abandoned Personal Property Here’s your definitive guide to what happens in Texas when a tenant abandons belongings in an apartment. If a tenant is still paying rent and is under contract, a landlord cannot legally remove belongings from the premises. Doing so would be grounds ... Continue Reading »

Apartment Hunting Cheat Sheet »

Apartment huntingSeasoned apartment hunters and first time renters alike can benefit from a few tips before embarking on a new apartment hunt. Apartments are never one size fits all. In addition to amenities and affordability you’ll need to consider the culture of the complex, community events, and other factors. We’ve compiled a cheat sheet to help you keep some of the more important aspects in mind. Apartment Hunting Basics  Utilize an Apartment Locator. To get the best range of options to check out, don’t rely only on Google. Apartment locating services are free and ... Continue Reading »

How Long Is Too Long to Keep Christmas Decorations Up? »

ChristmasAfter the joy and rush of the holidays, it can be hard to bring yourself to take down all those Christmas decorations you put up. It was fun at the beginning of the season, but now it just seems like such a chore, and you’re exhausted from traveling and doing Christmas-time activities. So how long is too long to leave them up? The only definite answer to provide is this – it depends. Christmas Decoration Dilemma If you’re a person who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about your house decorations or if nobody will ... Continue Reading »

The 12 Best Resources for Apartment Living »

best resourcesWhen you live in an apartment, everything about your living style is a little different. You don’t usually have as much space to work with or you may be living under a tighter budget.  Best Resources for Apartment Living Whatever your need, we’ve compiled a great list of resources for your apartment living needs: Rental-Living. This site provides many posts about apartment related living. While it focuses on California rentals, this blog has some great tips and tricks to keep in mind. Currently, there are some great ideas for decorating and is one of ... Continue Reading »

10 Myths About Apartment Living »

myths about apartment livingAre you afraid your apartment will be a noisy space, destined to keep you awake at night through your tenancy? Most apartment complexes are actually very quiet. Common Myths About Apartment Living There are several myths about apartment living that scare people away before they realize the great experience that apartment living can provide. Check out these apartment living myths that we’ve debunked: Myth: You’ll face higher crime rates in an apartment. Reality: Apartments are actually safer statistically. The location will have more to do with the level of crime than living ... Continue Reading »

How Apartments Can Help You Live a Better Life »

better lifePeople have strong opinions about where they live and what leads to a better life. Some people want a house away far away to call their own, while others thrive in the city living in close proximity to others. Simply Living and a Better Life  Whatever your preference is for a living space, apartment living can be a rewarding and enriching part of your life. Here are a few ways living in an apartment can help you live a better life: Opportunity for Socialization. Apartments provide people who live in them an opportunity to ... Continue Reading »

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