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5 Apartment Amenities You Should Check Out »

apartment amenitiesWhen you start looking for an apartment, one of the first decisions you need to make is which amenities are important for you. Apartments today feature many different amenities for tenants, from pools and exercise rooms to resident activities and onsite dry cleaning services. Apartment Amenities  Before you look at the bells and whistles that an apartment community offers, however, consider these must-haves: 1. Dishwasher. You may think that dishwashers come standard, like automatic door locks on cars. Some places don’t have dishwashers, though, and you may not notice unless you’re looking for it. 2. ... Continue Reading »

10 Tips for Picking the Right Roommate »

roommateA roommate can be your best friend, a tolerable tenant, or your worst enemy. Roommate Considerations Here are our top 10 tips for picking the right one: 1. Compatible schedules. If your roommate is on a different schedule than you, you both may annoy each other by being active when the other is trying to rest. 2. Personalities. Spend some time with someone before deciding to become roommates. You may have incompatible personalities if you’re both confrontational, too shy, or have strikingly different belief systems. 3. Communication. You need to be able to talk to your roommate ... Continue Reading »

College Town Living 101 »

college townThe image of a stereotypical college town is noisy and full of partiers. However, Texas college towns are some of the best places to live in after graduation and later in life. They often have better real estate opportunities, volunteer activities, and great jobs. College Town Benefits If you’re thinking about moving to a college town, try staying there for a few days before you move. Ask the locals about the city and atmosphere. Check out the different districts. You may find that there are certain areas that are inundated with students who ... Continue Reading »

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Apartments »

EasterEaster can be less fun for kids living inside an apartment. Here are a few great ways to incorporate your residence into some Easter tradition. Easter Fun at Your Apartment Community Since hiding the eggs on the apartment premises is your only option, see if you can get permission to include areas like the gym, lobby, and community center in the hunt. The larger the area kids have to search for eggs, the more fun the event tends to be. To increase variety, try talking to other parents in the apartment complex with kids. They ... Continue Reading »

Preparing for Snow at Your Apartment »

snowSnow is fun for a few days no matter where you live. You can bundle up and make snowmen, forts, and ice luges, or go exploring in the winter wonderland. When you live in an apartment, you get the extra benefits of a managed complex without having to worry about many of the precautions that homeowners have to take to deal with the snow. Snow and Your Apartment Living in an apartment can be great when the skies decide to drop mountains of snow. The lights stay on and, ... Continue Reading »

Safe Apartment Pranks »

prankApril Fool's day is just around the corner! This is the one time of year where it is socially acceptable to harass neighbors and family. April Fool's Day Pranks Here is a list of some "safe" apartment pranks to play on fellow residents and friends – just make sure they have a sense of humor, first! • Fill a couple hundred Dixie cups halfway with water. Pick a room, and place the water cups inside. Put them on the floor, tables, shelves; everything. Your neighbor will be forced to remove the cups one at a ... Continue Reading »

Spring Break in Dallas »

spring breakEverybody looks forward to the liberating energy of a spring break vacation, but many of us are unable to get away. Spring Break in Big D! Here are some tips on how to enjoy spring break in the Dallas area. Outdoor Activities Dallas has more than 20,000 acres of lush parks throughout the city. The Belo Garden is near downtown. Near the grounds, the Belo mansion features live music, a bar, and restaurant. The Klyde Warren Park is a huge tourist attraction, hosting community events throughout the spring and summer. The ... Continue Reading »

Spring Cleaning Tips »

spring cleaningWith January over and spring just around the corner, it is never too early to begin preparing your home for the refreshing weather. A good spring cleaning of your apartment is not only healthy for the occupants, but will make you feel better all year long too! Spring Cleaning Made Simple! Here are a few spring cleaning tips to help the chores breeze by! Kitchen The stove and kitchen sink are the two dirtiest places in your kitchen. Disinfect both surfaces, making sure to get under and panels or coils, and remove all grease residue. ... Continue Reading »

Do You Use Your Car? »

carsCars are not inherently "city friendly." Major roadways can be jammed with traffic, parking costs a fortune, and transportation is often a hassle. For those inner city dwellers that do own a car, it is important to use your vehicle occasionally. Without regular use, batteries will eventually die or if the car is parked in a garage with high humidity, certain parts of the frame may begin to rust. Some car batteries tend to lose a charge faster than others, there are high-end car batteries that can begin to lose a charge after ... Continue Reading »

Pets: How to Prepare Your Apartment »

petsSo you finally signed a lease with a landlord that allows for small pets. Here is what you need to know about preparing your apartment for your new, furry friend. Choosing Apartment Pets Were you planning on a cat or a dog? Most people typically know the answer, but consider the space of your apartment. Dogs shouldn't be cooped up in a cramped, studio apartment for hours at a time. They need more space to move around. Cats are perfect for owners who need to leave for work for extended periods of time or have ... Continue Reading »

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