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Choosing the Ideal Apartment »

ideal apartmentChoosing the ideal apartment is all about personality and fit. You want to live in a place that you can enjoy and feel safe in. Apartment complexes offer a wide range of experiences, from quiet communities to highly involved and close-knit communities. Ideal Apartment? Steps to Success First, think about the amenities that you need in your apartment complex. There are basic amenities like laundry facilities, bathroom features, and dishwashers. Then there are fun amenities like gyms, clubhouses, dog parks, and pools. Write down your must have list before you start looking around. The ... Continue Reading »

Bugs in Your Apartment! »

bugsBugs in your home can make you feel uncomfortable. Even if the bugs don’t harm you, they are unsanitary and unwelcome apartment guests. Many apartment complexes have a regular pest service that keeps the pests at bay. Bugs, Ants and other Pests When bugs strike, here are some tips for handling their presence: • Try a spray. If it doesn’t seem to be a big problem, you can always try using a spray from the store or a homemade remedy. The problem may disappear quickly and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of ... Continue Reading »

Tips for Handling a Bad Neighbor »

bad neighborApartment dwellers always face the risk of getting a bad neighbor. Most people set out to be cheery and approach newcomers with caution and politeness. Over time, though, you may start to see ugly, odd, or rudeness come out. Bad Neighbor Warning Signs Here are some signs to watch for and how to deal with substandard neighborly behavior: • Your bad neighbor has no sense of personal space. You often find that he will walk into your home uninvited. Although he’s perfectly nice, the behavior has gotten old. Talk to him about it gently ... Continue Reading »

Apartment Training a Puppy »

puppyTraining a puppy is difficult in the best of circumstances and can seem impossible in certain cases. Some catch on quick, but others take time and repetition. If you live in an apartment complex, you’ll need to be extra vigilant during the formative months of your puppy’s life. Puppy Training and Your Apartment Before you bring a puppy home, puppy proof your apartment by purchasing some bitter apple spray and lightly spraying the baseboards and furniture to discourage chewing. Keep some puppy pads on hand for accidents and purchase a high quality urine and ... Continue Reading »

Did Your Landlord Invade Your Privacy? »

privacyLandlords are only allowed to enter your apartment in a limited number of scenarios. For the most part, a landlord who enters your apartment or otherwise invades your privacy is totally and completely in the wrong. Privacy at Your Apartment A landlord is allowed to legally enter your apartment if there are necessary repairs or renovations that need to take place. They can also enter if showing the property to prospective tenants. However, in both cases, they must give you appropriate notice and only enter the premises at reasonable hours. If your Continue Reading »

How to Deal with a Problem Roommate »

problem roommateYou’ve been living with your roommate for a while, and suddenly his habits have started to change. All of a sudden he’s leaving dishes everywhere, staying out late, and inviting loud and obnoxious guests over. You used to get along, but now you’ve got to deal with a problem roommate. Where do you start? Problem Roommate Solutions Some people lay everything out on the table before they move in together and some people don’t. If you and your roommate talked about how to handle problems in the beginning, revisit that conversation. If you ... Continue Reading »

5 Apartment Amenities You Should Check Out »

apartment amenitiesWhen you start looking for an apartment, one of the first decisions you need to make is which amenities are important for you. Apartments today feature many different amenities for tenants, from pools and exercise rooms to resident activities and onsite dry cleaning services. Apartment Amenities  Before you look at the bells and whistles that an apartment community offers, however, consider these must-haves: 1. Dishwasher. You may think that dishwashers come standard, like automatic door locks on cars. Some places don’t have dishwashers, though, and you may not notice unless you’re looking for it. 2. ... Continue Reading »

10 Tips for Picking the Right Roommate »

roommateA roommate can be your best friend, a tolerable tenant, or your worst enemy. Roommate Considerations Here are our top 10 tips for picking the right one: 1. Compatible schedules. If your roommate is on a different schedule than you, you both may annoy each other by being active when the other is trying to rest. 2. Personalities. Spend some time with someone before deciding to become roommates. You may have incompatible personalities if you’re both confrontational, too shy, or have strikingly different belief systems. 3. Communication. You need to be able to talk to your roommate ... Continue Reading »

College Town Living 101 »

college townThe image of a stereotypical college town is noisy and full of partiers. However, Texas college towns are some of the best places to live in after graduation and later in life. They often have better real estate opportunities, volunteer activities, and great jobs. College Town Benefits If you’re thinking about moving to a college town, try staying there for a few days before you move. Ask the locals about the city and atmosphere. Check out the different districts. You may find that there are certain areas that are inundated with students who ... Continue Reading »

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Apartments »

EasterEaster can be less fun for kids living inside an apartment. Here are a few great ways to incorporate your residence into some Easter tradition. Easter Fun at Your Apartment Community Since hiding the eggs on the apartment premises is your only option, see if you can get permission to include areas like the gym, lobby, and community center in the hunt. The larger the area kids have to search for eggs, the more fun the event tends to be. To increase variety, try talking to other parents in the apartment complex with kids. They ... Continue Reading »

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