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Sample Letter: Giving Notice to Vacate to your Apartment Manager »

Dallas Apartments Once you've decided you are going to move from your current apartment, you will need to provide your current landlord with a "notice to vacate." Most properties require a 30-day written notice, but there is a trend towards a 60-day written notice to vacate over the last few years. Big D Apartment Locators in Dallas, Texas provided the below sample notice to vacate letter that covers the basics. Be sure to follow the guidelines outlined in your current lease agreement regarding notification dates, ... Continue Reading »

Dallas Diners, Drive Ins and Dives »

Dallas diners Delicious Dallas Diners On the Food Network, Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives features restaurants somewhat off the beaten path. Focusing on small, independent restaurants, Fieri features traditional American cuisine as well as regional specialties. Everybody knows that comfort food is delicious, but the featured restaurants take the concept to a new level by using home-style recipes and only fresh ingredients. A gourmet approach to traditionally non-gourmet food yields surprisingly tasty results. Several restaurants in Dallas have been featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Pepe’s and Mito’s, located on Elm ... Continue Reading »

Become a Dallas Expert »

Dallas Expert The Dallas Expert Checklist Planning a trip to Dallas? Thinking about a BIG move? Either way, there are some must-see sights in Dallas. A visit to these attractions will give you a taste of the best of Dallas. Mesquite Championship Rodeo Every summer, more than 200,000 visitors come to see one of the biggest championship rodeo events in the country. The rodeo takes place from June through August (so there’s still time this year!). Events include steer wrestling, tie-down roping, bull riding, barrel racing, and more. The rodeo is ... Continue Reading »

Tips for Settling Arguments Between Roommates »

roommates Roommates and Conflict When it comes to having roommates, arguments are part of the package. Even if your roommate is your best friend, even if you’ve lived with them for months or years already, even if you thought everything was fine – living together means that at some point, conflict will happen. This doesn’t have to be a horrible thing. When roommates clash, the resolution can lead to a better living situation for both parties. However, this can only occur if the disagreement is handled correctly. Here are some basic tips for ... Continue Reading »

Apartment Living Hacks »

apartment livingApartment Living Living in an apartment can be a big change for those used to living in a house. However, apartment living doesn’t have to be a step down. People of all ages can live comfortably in apartments and enjoy the advantages of lower monthly payments and city life. Follow these tips to make apartment living work for you. Maintain a good relationship with your landlord. Having a landlord is one of the more stressful parts of apartment life. When choosing your apartment, make sure the landlord gives you a good impression. ... Continue Reading »

Upcoming Dallas Events »

Dallas Events Dallas Events Schedule As Dallas’ sweltering summer comes to a close, the events calendar for this autumn is falling into place. Autumn is an active time in our beautiful city. Here is a list of Dallas events for September and October. SEPTEMBER Sept 2: 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama (film festival) Sept 2-3: Jason Mraz “Yes!” Tour Sept 3: Earphunk (concert) Sept 4: Galapagos 3D: Nature’s Wonderland (exhibit) Sept 4, 5, 6: Texas Rangers vs. Seattle Mariners Sept 6: 8th Annual Get Moving! Health and Fitness Fair (free health screenings, flu shots, information) M.A.D.E. Pop-Up Bazaar (artists ... Continue Reading »

5 Things to Look for During an Apartment Walk Through »

apartment walk through You Only Get One Apartment Walk Through Most apartment leases run for a minimum of one year, and that’s a big commitment – especially if you choose a bad place to live. Choosing the right apartment is important for your quality of life, finances, and safety. When doing an apartment walk through, here are some important things to look for. 1. General quality. Observe the general condition of the apartment on your apartment walk through. Does it look like it has been well maintained? Be sure to check for signs of rodent ... Continue Reading »

Apartment Pets & Critters »

Apartment Petsapartment pets Pets are typically imagined as a fixture of houses, not apartments. However, with more and more people choosing apartment life for the long-term, animals friends are finding their way into apartments. A pet can be happy and healthy in an apartment; it’s just a matter of choosing the right pet. Some considerations for picking a pet are the same whether you live in an apartment or in a house. How much time do you have to devote to your apartment pets? A large dog requires at least two walks per day, ... Continue Reading »

Decorating Your New Apartment on a Budget »

new apartment Your New Apartment  Moving is already expensive before the decorating. But decorating is one of the crucial parts of the move because it helps a new apartment begin to feel like home. When we start visualizing ourselves in a new place, we naturally think of all the new things we can’t wait to buy and add to our collection of belongings. While West Elm and Restoration Hardware are the dream, the prices typically exceed a reasonable budget for the average apartment decoration. However, smart shoppers know you don’t have to pay big bucks ... Continue Reading »

Living with a Messy Roommate »

messy roommateSteps to Surviving a Messy Roommate When you aren’t prepared with a game plan, living with a messy roommate can cause unnecessary tension in your apartment. If you are able to remember a few key techniques on how to navigate this type of living situation, you can dissolve the stress and rediscover peaceful living. The First Step The hardest part is the first time you share your frustration with a messy roommate. You’re nervous and likely have a rock in your stomach because you are afraid you are stepping out of line. While it ... Continue Reading »

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