Up to $300 Rebate Check

rebate check

Your Rebate Check

Please remember to write Big D Apartment Locators as the referral source on the apartment complexes guest card and rental application!

The most common reason for the delay of the rebate check is simply because clients forget to write Big D Apartments and their agent’s name on the guest card and rental application. Please don’t forget! It’s important to us that you receive all of the rebates to which you’re entitled. Our rebate is in addition to all move-in specials that you’ll receive directly from the property, the rebate comes from our company’s referral fee which is part of the apartment’s advertising budget. It has no impact on your monthly rent. Remembering to list Big D as the referral source benefits you and provides our company with the ability to offer our services when you need them in the future.

Second, take the time to fill out and submit the “Rebate Claim Form” as soon as you finish filling out your rental application. The apartments will not let us know you have leased, which can delay the arrival of your rebate check.

Because the referral commission for each apartment community varies and is also based on the rent amount, rebate checks cannot be calculated until we know that information. Ask your agent for the exact amount of the rebate check you will receive once you have submitted your rental application and they’ll be glad to calculate that amount for you. Big D rebate checks are for 15% of the invoiced amount up to $300!

Please review the following so there is no delay in the processing of your Big D rebate check!

  • Should the property you select not compensate Big D Apartment Locators, the rebate offer will be void
  • Rebates will be sent after your apartment community has paid Big D Apartment Locators referral invoice
  • Rebates are typically mailed within 4 to 8 weeks of your move in date, depending on your property’s invoice processing time
  • All roommate applications must identify Big D Apartments as the referral source on the guest card and rental application
  • There will be only one rebate per apartment lease
  • Please submit the rebate claim no later than 15 days of your move in date
  • Rebates will be paid via check and mailed to the new mailing address of the apartment you leased through Big D Apartments.

To check on the status of your rebate check please email CustomerService@www.bigdapartments.com All inquires are responded to within 24 hours.